Discover the story your data wants to tell.

Beneath every data point is a piece of a greater story. But you need to ask the right questions to discover that story. With Adobe Experience Platform Query Service, you can pull all your stored datasets — including behavioral, CRM, point-of-sale data, and more — and query them to answer specific questions about the data. And then start generating impactful insights.


Understand your data.
Easily explore and connect customer data to see every aspect of your customers' impact on your brand.

Uncover the insights.
Get more and deeper insights — and get them faster — by querying behavioral data across your products.

Faster access, better iteration.
Spend less time getting data ready and more time iterating through direct analysis in Adobe Experience Platform.

Wrangle big data.
Use any third-party tool that supports SQL to directly connect and retrieve data.

Powerful Query Capabilities

Set your data free.

With massive amounts of data come tons of datasets — but without an easy way to query and interact with the data, it’s difficult to do anything with them. Adobe Experience Platform Query Service establishes a standard approach to querying those datasets with SQL within Experience Platform. You can also use its querying capabilities to turn those datasets into curated data sets— so you can turn your data into action.

Maintain total control of all queries, running them manually with interactive jobs or running them automatically with batch jobs.

Perform custom subgrouping of records based on time and generate session numbers and session page numbers for easy tracking.

Take advantage of tools supporting complex joins, nested queries, window functions, and queries using time partitions.

Evaluate key customer events by breaking data into similar groups.

Understand how visitors flow across all channels.

Get greater flexibility in answering questions.

Get detailed summaries, joins, and rollups for input.

Unified Technology

Use queries from Experience Platform Query Service in other Experience Platform features like Data Science Workspace.

Stitch all your cross-channel data by using capabilities powered by Experience Platform Identity Service.

Publish your queries to Experience Platform Unified Profile.

Take advantage of machine learning and artificial intelligence with several integrated Adobe Sensei extensions.

Group or classify granular data from a source report by tying your data into Adobe Analytics Classifications, so you can productize metadata.

Connect with Adobe Analytics to use advanced calculated metrics so you can create statistical operations used as new metrics.

One platform. One experience.

Because Adobe Experience Platform Query Service is built by Adobe, you can perform omnichannel queries across all Adobe Experience Cloud product data, joining and analyzing data across Adobe Campaign, Analytics, Audience Manager, Target, and Advertising Cloud. This makes it easier for you to create data-driven personalization customers expect.

Omnichannel Support

All your customers across all your channels.

Today’s customers expect you to meet them wherever they are, whenever they are. And you should know them across all their devices. Using Experience Platform Query Service, you can get a clear view at all the data coming in across all your channels. Which then helps you understand them, target them, and deliver to them.

Perform omnichannel analysis and reporting inside your tool of choice against petabyte-scale customer data in Adobe Experience Cloud.

Analyze all your omnichannel data across Adobe and non-Adobe customer data available in a data lake.

Access an easy-to-use standard interface for quick third-party integration. Use it to query datasets from multiple BI tools, unlocking omnichannel use cases and enhancing your Adobe investment.

Apply data to a schema as it’s pulled out of storage, so you can analyze that same data in multiple ways without need for transformation.

Use standard SQL language and take advantage of complex data types like struct, arrays, and maps.

Empowering UI

Use a powerful, serverless, petabyte-scale query engine to manage all your omnichannel data.

Work within a freeform query that allows you to write queries and preview query execution that makes analysis faster.

A powerful workspace for powerful results.

Dealing with data is complicated enough, and an interface that allows for simple yet robust work can help you streamline the entire process. Using the rich dashboard and freeform user experience within Experience Platform Query Service, you can easily do what you want to do and get the results you want to achieve. Fast.

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