Adobe for Education

The student experience doesn’t start on campus, it starts online.

As part of an educational institution, you understand the importance of the experience. It’s your brand and key differentiator. But today, it’s not just what happens in lecture halls, dining commons, or stadiums. Now, you need to consider the first impression you make to your online audience and every impression after that. To deliver an experience that stands out, while staying true to your mission, you need a total digital transformation. That’s where we can help.

Prep your university and your students for the future.

From admissions marketing to student retention to alumni engagement, only Adobe handles the multiple challenges facing higher education. Your school represents a lifetime brand. Our tools help you live up to that promise by delivering exceptional experiences to increase applications for enrollment, graduation rates, and fundraising efforts. And when you infuse our applications like video and web design into your curriculum, you create a digitally-literate student population. One that differentiates your university and is ready for the future.
Prep your university and your students for the future.

Create healthy digital experiences for academic medical centers.

Teaching hospitals. Are they healthcare? Or education? Fortunately, we have industry-leading solutions for both. Whether you’re building experiences for better, more personalized patient care, promoting research and achievements, attracting students, or reaching out to donors, Adobe Experience Cloud delivers. And when you bring in Adobe Document Cloud, you can go paperless to streamline processes, increase your data security, and smooth out intake.
Create healthy digital experiences for academic medical centers.

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