Meet the Electrolux Experience Maker: Vinay Dixit

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From the rooftop barbeque of Hong Kong to Australia’s iconic backyard sizzler, you can tell a lot about a culture from its cuisine. Across India, Kalmi kebabs roast for 12 or more hours in the tandoor, while many Chinese dishes are defined by a single flash in the pan.
For brands in Asia Pacific, cultural differences like these pose a significant challenge when attempting to promote a consistent message to consumers.
Vinay Dixit
Vinay Dixit
VP, Electrolux Asia Pacific
For Vinay Dixit, the Vice President of Electrolux APAC and Head of Electrolux India, effective localisation requires a deep understanding of the consumer’s unique relationship to food. And it was this insight that helped spearhead a move away from simply selling products to developing ongoing customer relationships, including an omni-channel campaign designed to marry traditional in-store marketing with social channels.
“One area that I'm particularly passionate about is allowing people to actually touch, feel and use the product and then communicate the benefits of that through digital,” Dixit says. 
Electrolux opened ‘Experience Centres’ where avid amateur chefs can livestream their culinary exploits through Electrolux’s own digital channels, often amplified via their own Facebook and Instagram platforms.
“This really encourages a culture that brings people together and allows them to use our products to their best advantage,” Dixit says.
Join your hosts Siva Ganeshanandan and Janie Lim on this tasty episode of Adobe Experience Makers. 

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