Meet the UberEATS Experience Maker: Simon Rossi

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When it comes to food, Asia has a wider (and tastier) offering than anywhere else in the world, but it's the secret corner stalls and hidden alleyways where you’ll find the longest lines. 
The rapid adoption of digital technologies across Asia is fast overhauling the hospitality industry and the same time opening new channels for restaurateurs to connect with potential customers.
Simon Rossi
Simon Rossi
General Manager, UberEATS Asia Pacific
In this episode of Adobe Experience Makers, the General Manager of UberEATS in Asia Pacific, Simon Rossi, discusses how the sharing economy is changing the way culinary delights are experienced in Asia.
UberEATS has navigated a marketplace with varying levels of digital maturity, ‘hangry’ customers, and the business problems of restaurateurs. Simon’s job requires a 360-degree understanding of the business books behind the counter and the consumers lining up at the shop front. 
It’s all about the creating a relationship with both parties - feeding the app’s food suppliers with current trends to improve their business and, in turn, delivering an even better experience for their customers.
Join your hosts Siva Ganeshanandan and Janie Lim as they discover the secrets behind UberEATS’ success in creating a new culinary journey in Asia in this episode of Adobe Experience Makers. 

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