Email Testing

Design an A/B test email that uses up to three email variants to determine which version has the biggest impact on your customers. Define your success criteria in advance and let Adobe Campaign automatically send the top-performing variation to your entire population.


Put your emails to the test, then choose the best.

Not all emails are created equal — the trick is to separate the winners from the losers before your campaign ever launches. But without a way to test and collect results with actual customers, it’s difficult to predict how your entire email list will respond to your message. And that can be a scary prospect.
With A/B email testing, you can breathe easier knowing you have powerful email tools at your disposal. Test your emails based on subject lines, sender, or content, then set up the parameters that are important to you. Once you’ve determined which email version has the highest success rate with a small portion of your audience, you’ll be confident sending the best performer to the rest of your customers.

See what makes it work.

A/B testing templates
Create test emails using one of three A/B-testing-specific templates — varying sender, content, or subject. This helps you focus on what’s effective and what isn’t.

Measure and repeat
Set the test duration and wait for the results to come in. Once you identify your most effective combination, automatically send the winning email to everyone.

Custom success metrics
Choose the parameters that matter to you, such as best open rate, best click-through rate, and weakest unsubscribe rate.

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Build clickable emails.

Watch this tutorial on how to create personal emails and test different variations to understand what’s resonating, with the help of Adobe Campaign.

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Let’s talk about what Adobe Campaign can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Campaign can do for your business.