Valid from July 21 through August 29, 2014. Adobe is providing a migration price to channel partners for licenses purchased by customers that have previously licensed Creative Suite 3 (CS3) or subsequent versions (“Eligible Customers”) and would like to migrate to Creative Cloud for teams. This migration pricing is valid only for the number of CS3 or subsequent version licenses purchased by an Eligible Customer, if customer has not previously claimed a promotional offer related to migration to Creative Cloud for such licenses (“Eligible License”). Channel partner may avail itself of the migration price for Eligible Licenses when an Eligible Customer licenses Creative Cloud for teams annual plan membership (complete or single app) and enrolls in the Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP).

Eligible Customers may contact an authorized channel partner for channel partner’s migration price for initial VIP license term and first and second year renewal for the Eligible Licenses. Adobe does not set the pricing that channel partner charges customer and Adobe cannot guarantee any particular discount or price to customer. Channel partner will determine actual license fees for Eligible Customers. Migration pricing is valid for customer’s initial VIP license term after migration and first and second renewal of Eligible Licenses. Migration pricing may not be applied retroactively. Adobe does not make any guarantees with respect to migration pricing offered by channel partners for Eligible Licenses if customer elects to change channel partner. Applicable taxes and duties may apply. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Residents or persons in embargoed countries or countries subject to US or local export restrictions are not eligible.