Experiences never stop.  Neither should impactful innovation.
Experiences never stop.  Neither should impactful innovation.

Experiences never stop. 

Neither should high-impact innovation.

We understand that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are key to successful businesses. That’s why we’re constantly innovating with Adobe Sensei — so you can be more creative, streamline workflows, and deliver great customer experiences. Check out what we’ve been up to.

Adobe Research drives breakthroughs in digital experiences.

Our technological innovation never stops. At Adobe Research, our team of world-class research scientists, engineers, artists, and designers publish papers, partner with higher-learning institutions, and work with outside groups to deliver algorithms and services for AI, deep learning, machine learning, and more.

AI opens doors to artistic experimentation.

We commissioned artist Vasjen Katro — also known as Baugasm — to reimagine our logo using AI technology from Adobe Research. Check out the Adobe Create article to learn how AI helped create his unique and visually stunning remix.

Innovation Spotlight


Project Smooth Operator

With Project Smooth Operator, machine learning can crop a video for different aspect ratios without losing the action.


AI Voice Assistant

A voice assistant can help speed the process of finding exactly what you need — when you need it.


Researcher Spotlight: Balaji Vasan Srinivasan

Learn about Balaji Vasan Srinivasan's journey to the Adobe Research Bangalore lab, where he now works on enabling computers to generate content and create layouts with AI.

Spotting image manipulation with AI.

We’re exploring the boundaries of what’s possible using new technologies like AI to increase trust and authenticity in digital media. Check out our blog post to learn more.

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Project Augmented Offers

Deliver relevant, meaningful AR experiences.

Project Journey Genius

AI helps marketers to explore and predict customers’ journeys.

Project Data Unbound

Making Experience Cloud data more accessible to users.

Project Phonic Folders

Machine learning makes finding the perfect asset faster.

Project Expert Assist

Invokes Adobe Sensei features via Slack app.

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