What can you do with Bridge?

Edit metadata.
Add keywords, labels and ratings to assets.
Organise assets using collections and find assets using powerful filters and advanced metadata search features.
Collaborate with Creative Cloud Libraries and publish to Adobe Stock right from Bridge.

See what new can do.

We’re adding new features to Bridge all the time and Creative Cloud members get them as soon as we release them. Here are some of the latest updates.

Multitask with multiple windows.

Manage several folders at once with Multi Window. Work with assets in their own windows and open multiple content panels in each workspace.

Customise your keyboard shortcuts.

Use the Keyboard Shortcut panel to create all new commands for your specific needs or modify existing ones. Plus, choose from a range of keyboard layout options.

Bulk workflows.

Combine various tasks and stitch them together into a single workflow.

Create 3D designs with a cross-application workflow.

Easily open files directly in Substance 3D Stager from Bridge. Place assets quickly and start building photorealistic 3D scenes.



Powerful creative asset workflows

  • Visualise all your creative assets (including Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects and Substance 3D files) with thumbnails and rich previews.
  • Organise your assets with labels, ratings, metadata and keywords.
  • Use advanced filters, collections and search to find the assets you’re looking for.
  • Edit your assets by opening them right inside Creative Cloud apps.

Industry-leading photo editing

  • Import your digital photos using the Photo Downloader, which lets you rename files or convert to DNG during import.
  • Open your raw images for editing in Adobe Camera Raw directly from Bridge.
  • Open photos right in Photoshop for targeted editing.
  • Batch rename or batch export your photos with various size and scale options.

Easy export options for publishing work

  • Export images to multiple formats using the new Export panel.
  • Create professional-looking portfolios of your photos, illustrations or InDesign files using PDF contact sheets.
  • Export creative assets to Adobe Stock or create an Adobe Portfolio website right from Bridge.

Get started with Bridge.

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