Real-time targeting. Real dynamic personalization.

Intelligently target your most valuable audiences by optimizing display ad campaigns in real time.


Integrated insights for intelligent targeting.

Adobe Advertising Cloud uses unified campaign tracking and reporting, real-time bidding, impression-level decisioning abilities, attribution reporting and simulations, and integration with the top ad exchanges to help you meet display objectives. With data integrations and insights from Adobe Experience Cloud, you can make better decisions and save time through shared audiences.

Features of display management.

Centralized ad management and optimization

Manage all of your display and video advertising initiatives in one centralized location, including Facebook. Use real-time bidding, private marketplaces, cross-channel insights and optimizations, and forecast simulations.
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Accurate attribution and insights

Know the precise impact of your ads across display, search, social, video, and dynamic creative optimization with multichannel attribution and path to conversion reporting.

Audience targeting and extended reach

Use reliable retargeting, data-reliant prospecting, and look-alike modeling to reach out to new and profitable audiences. Maximize reach through integrations with ad exchanges for real-time bidding and private marketplaces.

Adobe Advertising Cloud Creative

Deliver the most relevant and personalized display experience in real time by reaching specific audiences with flexible ad creative. Get deeper personalization with Adobe Experience Cloud audiences.
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Adobe Experience Cloud integration

Adobe is connecting marketing technology to programmatic ad buying, so you can use Adobe Experience Cloud audiences for display targeting.
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Analytics integration

Reach Adobe Analytics audience segments seamlessly in Advertising Cloud display for faster segment creation and segment launches. Get a complete view and optimize better using Analytics capabilities.
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Brand safety and control

Maintain control over where your ads run with pre-bid decisioning on viewability and brand safety, targeting, black/white lists, and private exchange support.
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Flexible service options

Let Adobe experts manage and optimize your display program, or you can choose to manage it yourself. You’ll have login access for full visibility and transparency into your media programs.

Transparent pricing

Pay a fair fee to your display partners. With full visibility into ad exchange media costs, you'll be able to better manage your marketing ROI goals.


Connect your customer experiences. And customers will connect with you.

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High-value audiences are within reach with programmatic.

Chegg uses multiple data sources and programmatic ad buying to effectively reach high-value audiences.


Smarter technology.
Smarter decision-making.

See how eHealth uses data transparency and Adobe’s integrated ad stack to drive smarter decision-making with better visibility, efficiency, and reaction times.

Learn how to solve business problems.

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