The truth is, you can please everyone.

Dynamic creative optimization lets advertisers reach specific audiences with flexible ad creative that’s personalized in real time to drive user engagement, conversions, and integrated experiences.

Ad agility at its finest.

Consumers want personalized experiences, but personalized ad experiences can be difficult to execute, time consuming, and expensive. Dynamic creative changes that. You can now target customers with flexible ad creative that’s personalized in real time based on site actions, customer and partner data, and third-party demographic data.

“We’ve seen a 106% lift in ROAs with Adobe Media Optimizer over our previous display vendor.”
— Latanya Hodges, senior interactive marketing manager, Redbox

Features of dynamic creative optimization.

Adobe Experience Cloud integration

Fuel programmatic ad buying and personalized ad experiences with People core service and Adobe Experience Cloud audience segments.

Robust campaign options

Serve the right creative to the right person. Dynamic creative powers campaigns across verticals and across the marketing funnel — from retargeting and loyalty programs to prospecting and awareness campaigns.

Audience targeting capabilities

Use site visitor, partner, third-party, and location data to deliver relevant and compelling experiences. For deeper personalization, use Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, or Adobe Media Optimizer audience segments.

Flexible creative

Custom ad layouts allow you to best convey your brand in the ad experience. Feed-based retargeting and algorithmic optimization of creative elements offer the flexibility to deliver the right creative across device types.

Insights and optimization

Know how each ad performs through in-depth creative, offer, product, media, and audience reports. Then optimize based on the results — or let the algorithms optimize creative elements to best meet your performance objectives.


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