No two segments are alike. Now you can see the differences.

It’s hard enough to crunch through customer data, let alone find meaningful insights. Analytics Segment IQ makes sense of all your data for you, so it’s quick and easy to know the differences between customer segments — right out of the box.
Take quick action on insights.
Compare two segments in a matter of minutes to see how different audiences interact across a similar channel.
Find new high-value customers.
Understand what causes one segment to perform better than another, then instantly turn those high-value customers into a new segment.
Eliminate segment overlap.
Identify where some of your customers fall into multiple segments. You’ll cut down ad spending and deliver more consistent messages to customers.

Here’s what you can do with Analytics Segment IQ.

Segment audiences.

Discover meaningful and actionable differences between your audience segments, so you can see what customers are most valuable.

Get deep analysis.

See the top metrics, dimensions, and segments that are statistically different, so you can uncover key characteristics of each audience.

Harness big data.

Use algorithms to automate the analysis of every single metric and dimension you have access to.

Don’t just know your customers today. Know them tomorrow.

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Learn how to solve business problems.

Read our use cases for best practices in segmentation.