Search and metadata management

With metadata management, instantly find the content you need, when you need it, using specific search criteria — even when you’re searching through millions of assets.

See how personalized media helps you cater to customers.

Powerful search

Configure search facets and locate an asset with any attribute. Use full-text indexing and search relevancy to improve asset reuse across distributed teams.

Multilingual asset management

Produce, find and manage assets for translation. Use pre-built translation and metadata to manage your digital assets globally.

Smart collections

Automatically create self-updating, shareable collections of assets based on a wide variety of search attributes, so you can quickly find anything you’re looking for.

Metadata templates, schemas, and processing profiles

Improve efficiency by automatically assigning metadata when new assets are added to the system and defining which metadata fields are visible, editable and mandatory.

Built-in support for metadata formats

Get native support for industry-approved metadata formats, such as IPTC, Dublin Core, XMP, EXIF and ID3.

Prominent had their eye on improving the whole customer experience.

For them, that meant using customer data and Adobe Experience Manager enhance the range of customer touch points from up-to-date product information to more personalized customer service.