Get groomed to lead.

Leadership training geared to bring out the best on to the table. Discover a framework that will help your team achieve excellence in execution. Develop succession planning to identify and develop new leaders.

Leadership Skills

Becoming a Great Leader - Part 1 (45 mins)

A leader is someone who leads or commands a group of people. Most people believe that some are born leaders while in fact most leaders are MADE. Being a leader is not only about directing someone or something, but about giving guidance.

Becoming a Great Leader  - Part 2 (36 mins)

This course will walk you through all the features of Adobe's new dedicated tool for UX design, so you can then build your own interactive mobile app and website prototypes with ease.

Framework for Execution (31 mins)

Welcome to our course on creating a framework for execution and this program, which talks about how organizations today fail to execute. Let's start off with a question. What are the three reasons projects fail? Execution, execution, execution.

Mentoring (22 mins)

How do you transfer knowledge from your seasoned, top-level employees to your newly hired, or new-to-a-position team members? What's the most effective and efficient method? Aside from standard training, mentoring programs are a great way to creating relationships among employees to help them gain knowledge and grow professionally.  There are many different types of mentoring which we'll discuss in this course. We'll also talk about who mentees and mentors are, and the benefits to implementing a mentoring program within your organization.

Mistakes Leaders Make (31mins)

In this course, you will learn the six warning signs that a new manager or supervisor may need guidance.

Strategic Leadership (19 mins)

Your company's Mission, Vision, and Values are the simplest and most effective governance tools you can find. In this course, we'll discuss how to develop these three important statements. We'll talk about what the difference is between the three, how to write them, the reasons why you need to have them, and give examples from larger companies who have successful Missions, Visions, and Values.

Succession Planning (22 mins)

Succession planning is a process for identifying and developing new leaders who can replace the leaders who leave, retire, or die. It's part of good human resources management. Most leaders will tell you how important succession planning is, but those same leaders often admit that they haven't done enough in their own organizations to feel prepared when someone leaves. This course looks at this critical component of planning ahead.

Transformational Leadership (26 mins)

How do you make things happen as a leader? How do you TRANSFORM the organization? Customer needs are expanding, markets are changing, new products and technology are coming out. You have to adapt to these changes. If you don't adapt, your competitor will.

Unknown Knowns (25 mins)

Welcome to our course on How to Know What We Know, and this program, Understanding Better Practices. Unknown knowns ... it's the idea that throughout your organization, you have great ideas, great processes, great practices that could be used to improve the overall business, BUT NOBODY KNOWS IT.

Please note that these courses are in English. Some may have captions available in German, French or Spanish. 

Let's talk about what Adobe Captivate Prime can do for your business

Let's talk about what
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