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"With version 11.5, HD has arrived for Director and the Shockwave player in the form of support for H.264-video. With this on board you can now provide full-screen, HD video in multimedia applications and games authored in Director – MP4, F4V, and FLV file formats are now natively supported."
Adobe Director 11.5 review by Michael Burns
June 23, 2009
3D World Magazine
"Tired of rendering your 3D masterpieces to video? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to hand your 3D scenes to your clients, with all the models, maps and lights included, and have them view it interactively? Or even to create a 3D game with your datasets? If so, Director 11 promises to do all this for you – and more."
Director 11 By Lance Evans
August 15, 2008
"Overall, Director 11 is stronger than ever with a list of key new power features such as DirectX 9 support and physics. Coupled with a strong feature set of an experienced tool that has thousands of games and interactive projects to its credit, the new features launches Director into new ground and makes it competitive with other much costlier solutions."
Product Review Adobe Director 11 By Kelly Murdock
July 30, 2008
4.5 out of 5: "Macromedia Director is the King Kong of interactive multimedia authoring programs! You'd have to search a lot of jungles to find any other authoring program that has as many features as Macromedia Director."
Merrily Miller and David Rosenblatt
July/August 2004 issue
AV Video Multimedia Producer
"Director's new DVD-video support is something that has real potential. In my opinion, this feature can lead to new ways of deploying kiosks and DVDs."
Dylan Wood
August 4, 2004
PC Magazine
4 out of 5 stars: "Aimed at professional multimedia, web, game, and even enterprise developers, Macromedia Director MX 2004 adds polish and new reach to an already powerful multimedia authoring tool. This strong release features support for new media file types, better Flash integration, and several key user interface improvements."
Richard V. Dragan
April 20, 2004
Creative Mac
"Quite simply, they nailed it. Director MX 2004 has some great new features, is a more economical product for cross-platform publishers and, most importantly, has a real future."
Kevin Schmitt
March 26, 2004
"If you're a professional web designer, Flash developer, or multimedia developer, you should get Director."
Jennifer Kyrnin
Community MX
"The introduction of these changes, and more, to Director MX 2004 gives developers a complete suite of rich media production tools."
Tom Green
"[But] Director MX does something else: It gives designers tools for creating multimedia content that can be deployed across a wide range of media: CDs, DVDs, kiosks, downloadable applications, and the web. Think of it as an all-in-one multimedia tool. If you're building content that may include text, hypertext, audio, high-resolution still images, digital video, animation, 3D modeling, and Flash content, this is the application to use."
Neil Jones
June 2003
4 out of 5 stars: "Great. Since its inception in 1987, Macromedia Director has been king of the multimedia-creation hill. From advanced presentations and video collages to animation and interactive 3D games, if you can dream it, you can build it using Director."
Patrick Baggatta
March 2003



PC Plus Editor’s Choice Award 2008
PC Plus Editor’s Choice Award 2008
Adobe Director 11 wins the PC Plus Editor’s choice award, and a 5-Star Product rating. PC Plus calls Director 11 as a "confident upgrade", stating that it will satisfy multimedia developers and converts alike.
Best Multimedia Authoring Solution
Best Multimedia Authoring Solution
Presentations Magazine has given Director MX 2004 the 2004 Standing Ovation Award for the best professional multimedia authoring solution in its December 2004 issue. The Standing Ovation awards honor "the absolute best products of the year" and are selected by the magazine's editors, columnists, and a network of experts.
eMedia Editor's Choice
eMedia Editor's Choice
"They've made Director, the software choice of multimedia developers for years, more relevant than ever by incorporating more modern development choices....This year they take it several steps further by adding new features that should make multimedia developers stand up and take notice."
PC Plus Performance Award
PC Plus Performance Award
As Director MX 2004 branches into the DVD arena, we can be sure that we'll be in for some interesting developments as dedicated multimedia authors find another avenue to explore."

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