Division of Federal Employees’ Compensation at the United States Department of Labor uses Adobe LiveCycle to support greater speed and efficiency for workers injured on the job.
Nova Scotia government standardizes on Adobe LiveCycle ES, creating internal efficiencies and making it easy for citizens to interact with government.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers uses Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES to streamline and secure construction project bidding and management.
Kane County Circuit Court
Kane County Circuit Court
County agency streamlines collaboration across government offices using Adobe LiveCycle ES and interactive PDF forms.
Adobe software provides a reliable, consistent communications and data management platform for improving daily operations.
State of Wisconsin
State of Wisconsin
The State of Wisconsin calls upon Adobe LiveCycle and Acrobat Pro to help give its citizens an easy-to-use, convenient, and secure online tax filing system.
City of San Antonio
City of San Antonio
The City of San Antonio uses Adobe LiveCycle to help save money, make the city greener, and keep citizens safer.
Italian government office automates applications processing with Adobe LiveCycle ES—improving document management and cutting costs.
South African agency uses Adobe LiveCycle ES to efficiently deliver benefits as citizens navigate events in their lives.
Belgian postal company reduces contract turnaround times from 90 days to 24 hours with Adobe solutions.
Department of Labor of the Catalonian Government
Department of Labor of the Catalonian Government
Anywhere and at any time, Catalonian businesses and citizens can access and complete critical labor forms.
European transportation agency uses Adobe LiveCycle to process more than 2,500 special transportation applications per month in record time.
With Adobe LiveCycle ES, taxpayer self service is a reality for the Polish Ministry of Finance.
Court of Cremona
Court of Cremona
Italian court adopts Adobe Connect for web-based trials and leverages Adobe LiveCycle solutions for secure, reliable document sharing
Using Adobe LiveCycle ES, the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office validates data faster and delivers greater value to constituents.
The City of Warsaw improves citizen services using a solution based on Adobe LiveCycle ES, the Flex development framework, and Flash Builder software
Finnish agency uses Adobe LiveCycle ES to improve data accuracy and security, while reducing processing times and materials costs.



Leading Spanish airline uses Adobe LiveCycle ES to streamline aircraft inspections, accelerate document process, and reduce costs.


Financial Services

Leading French bank uses Adobe LiveCycle ES to enhance document processes, boost productivity, and reduce costs.
Adobe LiveCycle ES software helps improve workflow efficiencies and customer service at fast-growing financial services company
Czech insurance company simplifies insurance enrollment and claims processing with Adobe LiveCycle ES solutions.
Insurance association uses Adobe LiveCycle ES to automate forms processes, enhance customer service, and improve security.
SUVA uses Adobe LiveCycle ES to collect and maintain customer data, helping to streamline service delivery and improve customer experiences.