How you can generate a digital signature and why it’s a must.

From signing electronic documents to gathering signatures for forms or legal documents, learn how you can create and manage e-signatures with Adobe Sign.

A person at their desk using their laptop to generate a signature using Adobe Sign

Why do you need an electronic or online signature?

An electronic signature, or e-signature, is the legal method to get consent or approval digitally on electronic documents or forms. E-signatures can replace written or in-person signatures in many convenient ways. Businesses and individuals use them to sign documents and increase the pace at which information can be securely transferred. Plus, you can sign PDFs and send important documents with assurance that your documents will be safe, whether you sign from a computer or mobile device.

Generating a signature in Adobe Sign

How to create an e-signature.

Creating an e-signature is as simple as typing or drawing with your finger. Adobe Sign supports three signature styles: Script-like font, drawn signature, and image signature. The default is the script-like font, which converts your name into a standardized font that is encrypted for legal purposes.


If you want to add a personal touch you can customize your signature. Navigate to Personal Preferences › My Signature within Adobe Sign. Click the Create button to open the signature panel and you can select from two options:


  • Biometric: Create a personalized signature by writing your name with a mouse, stylus, or finger. If you are using Adobe Sign on a smartphone, you can use your touchscreen to sign.
  • Signature Image: If you have an image file of your own signature, you can upload this and Adobe Sign will apply it in any signature fields. 
A person sitting on a couch using their laptop to generate a signature using Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign makes e-signatures easy with integrations.


The utility of Adobe Sign is not just limited to PDFs. Adobe’s e-signature technology integrates with a wide variety of other software and app partners, including:


  • Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Dynamics
  • Any Salesforce document
  • Full integration with Google Drive and other Google applications
Generating a signature in Adobe Sign

How e-signatures keep you ahead of the game.

E-signatures reduce the overall cost of using paper, postage, and all the other expenses that come with getting things signed in person, like travel costs, couriers, or notaries. But most importantly, e-signatures conserve time. When you adopt an e-signature solution, you don’t have to print, scan, or mail forms. Instead, everything can be handled digitally with readily available tools. And these benefits add up:



With Adobe Sign, you can quickly create signatures and send, track, and sign digital forms and contracts. Learn how simple it is to make your business, and your life, easier.


Add e-signatures to your workflow

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