Learn how to write a contract for landscaping work.

There’s more to landscaping than lawn mowers and hedge trimmers. Discover what’s needed to draft an effective landscaping contract.

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What is a landscaping contract?

A landscape contract or landscape maintenance contract is an agreement between a property owner and a landscape contractor or commercial landscaping company. Since all yards and properties are different, a solid landscape contract can help both parties understand what is needed in different climates, specific locations, and different seasons. 


A contract gives each party written proof of what work is to be done and can mitigate confusion down the road. This written agreement also protects both parties if a breach of contract occurs. Before you finalize your contract agreement, consult a lawyer or look to applicable laws in your area or the laws of the state. 

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When a landscape contract is needed.


A landscaping contract is necessary when you hire (or are being hired) to do lawn care or general landscaping work, such as landscape design, fertilization, horticulture, installing irrigation or sprinkler systems, or yard cleaning services.


Because the nature and scope of landscaping work changes with the seasons, a contract helps spell out what’s needed year-round and prevent confusion. While a property owner might expect the landscapers to work once a week for two hours, the length of time it takes to do the work actually depends on the season. More time is needed in the blooming months and less in the winter.

A landscape contractor reviewing a landscape contract on their tablet device while standing in a backyard

What to include in a landscape contract or lawn care contract.


While every property and landscaping service is unique, most contracts will include the following information:


  • Contact information of both parties, including individual names, business names, the business license number, email addresses, and phone numbers


  • Date of the contract 


  • Size of the property, or total square footage of yard to be maintained


  • Breakdown of what kind of yard care will be done, including lawn mowing, ​weeding, flower bed maintenance, spreading mulch, fertilizing, and irrigation system installation


  • Project deadlines, including the frequency of service and a time frame with projected start and end dates


  • Breakdown of the costs, which should be tied to when the work is completed


  • Protocols for unexpected situations or breaches of contract


  •  Space for signatures from both parties


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Make landscaping contracts with Adobe Acrobat Pro.


It’s simple to build digital contract forms with Acrobat Pro and use e-signatures to get them signed. Follow these tutorials to manage your digital documents with ease:





Whether you’re a homeowner who wants to hire professional help to improve the curb appeal of your house or you have a landscaping business and want to land some new business, landscaping contracts are an essential piece of the puzzle. And now, it’s easier than ever to manage those pieces online.


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