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What is an online notary public?


An online notary is the same as a traditional notary, but they perform all their notarial acts digitally. A notary of any kind is someone authorized to perform specific legal formalities, including drawing up or certifying contracts, mortgage documents, deeds, and more.



Types of notaries.


An online notary, sometimes referred to as a remote online notary (RON), has applied for and received an online notary commission issued by the secretary of state. This authorizes them to perform an online notarization remotely via audio-video recordings and electronic documents. 


Online notarization, also known as remote online notarization, webcam notarization, or virtual notarization, can speed up, simplify, and reduce the costs of document signing when compared to traditional notary processes. 


An electronic notary is different from a remote notary, but the titles are often confused. An electronic notary is authorized to perform notarial acts digitally and without the use of paper, but by state law all parties must be physically present to complete their electronic signature.

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When a notary is necessary. 


The most common instance for everyday people to encounter a notary is when closing on a house. Notaries work with lenders, title companies, and buyers to ensure the authenticity of legal documents and to prevent fraud when a contract is signed or a deal is closed.


Remote notaries are especially useful when you can’t meet with a traditional notary in person. With the increase in remote working environments, the need for secure, legally compliant e-signature solutions and remote online notarizations is in high demand. 


Multiple states have instituted permanent remote online notarization laws, including (but not limited to) Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, and Tennessee. Keep in mind that the laws that govern online notaries may differ between states, so consult legal advice before you hire a notary.


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How online notaries work.


An online notary session includes the commissioned notary, the principal who is the signer of the document, and a two-way video conference. During this session, the interactive digital document is signed by both parties, then the notarized document is finished with an electronic seal and digital certificate.


The process also includes identity proofing and authentication to prevent fraud. Online notaries often use eNotary services and digital software like Adobe Sign to make the process easier and to keep the documents secure.   



How Adobe can help.


Adobe has partnered with Notarize to make notarizing documents easier than ever. Notarize is a digital platform that connects consumers and businesses with an online notary public so they can sign and notarize documents from anywhere.   


By partnering together, users have access to remote online notarization technology and the trusted Adobe Sign e-signature platform. This gives Adobe customers instant access to industry-leading notary services with Adobe’s secure and intuitive e-signatures.    


Notarize your documents with Adobe Sign

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