The best format for a business proposal.

Grab your next client’s attention with these helpful guidelines on how to format your business proposal for success.

Companies use business proposals to connect with new clients and outline project details. They’re usually used to persuade a client to work with your business — and the proposal’s appearance matters. Inconsistency in or lack of professional formatting, coupled with issues like unclear content and typographical errors, can leave your client feeling confused, rather than impressed, by your proposal’s format.

Use the following helpful tips to learn how properly formatted business proposals can expand your company’s client roster.

Keep your proposal clean and professional.

Your business proposal is often the first window a prospective client has to the professional quality of your work. Start off this relationship on the right foot: Send your prospect a polished document that has the following attributes:

If your business proposal isn’t formatted in a professional way, you risk losing a potential client. Use a prebuilt proposal template or build a clean one from scratch to get started quickly and accurately.

Include branded elements to stand out.

For a cohesive business proposal format, incorporate some of your company’s visual assets. These can include logos, set color palettes, or even stylized fonts.

To take your proposal’s quality even further, include a space for e-signatures. If your client is interested, they can digitally sign the proposal as a signal they’d like to move forward with the project.

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