Increase revenue with these business proposal ideas.

The key to generating more sales is to acquire more customers. Explore these clever business proposal ideas to build relationships with new clients.

The goal of a business proposal is to convince a business that you’re the best company to work with. However, most business proposals include the same standard information: details about the company, the products or services it offers, price points, and so on. Using this formulaic approach makes it hard for your business to stand out and grab a prospective client’s attention.

Explore these sharp business proposal ideas to make a compelling first impression and easily win more clients.

Try a minimalistic layout.

Busy business proposals can be off-putting and hard to read. Choose your colors, fonts, and formatting carefully, and opt for a minimalistic design to simplify the document.

Remember that the minimalistic-design route doesn’t have to be unattractive or boring. You can still use patterns, geometric shapes, and even overlays — you’ll just need to get a little creative when you write up your business proposal.

Showcase your experience with a case study.

To stand out in the crowd of bids, you can demonstrate your experience with a case study. This is an in-depth look at a project you’ve successfully completed for another client (make sure to get this client’s permission first). Case studies can be tricky to put together, which is why some businesses don’t incorporate them into their proposals.

Integrating a case study into your business proposal shows that you’ve done similar work before — your prospective client comes away with a realistic idea of what you’re capable of delivering. Create unique business proposals and discover powerful new PDF tools to drive your business with Adobe Acrobat Pro with e-sign.