How to streamline your invoice approval workflow.

Pay your invoices on time and keep your partners happy. Learn how you can streamline your invoice approval workflow.

A big part of building your business reputation includes paying your invoices on time. An ineffective invoice approval workflow can delay payments and make your partners reluctant to work with you again. Here are some tips for streamlining your invoice approval workflow.

The basic invoice approval workflow.

The invoice approval workflow isn’t that complex overall. At its simplest, it consists of just four steps:

  1. Verify the received invoice against all receipts and other documents.
  2. Request clarification if you find discrepancies.
  3. Send the invoice to your accounts department for approval.
  4. Pay the money.

Simple as it sounds, there are many points in this workflow that can delay payments. Paper documents can pile up, mail services can delay or even lose documents, and the people who sign off on the invoice can be out of the office.

Go digital for fast invoice processing.

You can make your invoice approval workflow faster and more reliable with good digital document processing software, like Acrobat Sign. Share digital files instantly, track them, and approve them with e-signatures on any device — even when you’re on the go. You’ll also cut back on paper and ink, helping you save both money and the environment.

Sign integrates with the most popular business tools and lets you send invoices for approval with a click of the mouse. You can track the status of each invoice and send reminder notifications if the documents aren’t signed on time.

Discover more ways Sign can help you run your business more efficiently.