Plan your next event with a helpful template.

Whether throwing a party or organizing a work event, staying organized is easier than ever with an event planning checklist.

There’s a lot of ground to cover when you’re a full-time event planner. You’ve probably got a full plate and a hard deadline to get it all done. That’s why using an event planning checklist is so valuable. It keeps you organized and on time. Plus, they’re easy to create.

Set up your own event planning template, starting with the helpful areas below.

Make budget columns.

All other aspects of the event depend on the budget. It’s important to talk with your clients first about how much they’re ready to spend before you sign any vendor or venue contracts.

On your event planning template, have at least two columns for budget. The first is for projected spend, and the second is for actual spend. This will let you track how much you spend and where you spend it. Share the budget document with your clients for approval before making major commitments.

Create event categories.

Once you’ve got your total budget nailed down, it’s time to start itemizing the rest of your checklist. Whether you’re planning a personal or professional event, begin by using the items below to craft your template:

Remember to get copies of contracts with the venue, vendors, entertainment, florists and more. And when applicable, make sure all the important documents are signed. You can easily collect PDF signatures online if you can’t obtain them in person.

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