Different types of affidavits.

Learn more about what an affidavit is and when you might need to use one in various court proceedings.

If you’re a crime show fan, you’re probably familiar with affidavits when it comes to their involvement in criminal cases — but the truth is, you can use affidavits in so many more ways. Let’s explore some of the different affidavit types and instances where they can truly be helpful.

The many uses of affidavits.

In a nutshell, an affidavit is basically a sworn written statement. No matter the type, this document serves to state certain facts and has you sign your name to attest to its truth and accuracy.

Here are some common instances in which you may use an affidavit:

In most cases, you can write a custom affidavit or use an online template to create one. Some websites will even auto-generate the document for you after you input the necessary information.

Once you have your affidavit complete and you’re ready to finalize it, you’ll need to sign it in the presence of witnesses and have a notary validate it. Discover what more you can do with Acrobat Sign to simplify document signing.