How to put together a construction quote template.

Skip the heavy lifting of submitting individual quotes and save time with an editable construction quote template.

Great construction work happens long before workers arrive on-site or an excavator breaks ground. It first starts with a clear, professional construction quote that’s both easy to understand and accessible by all parties. As a contractor or construction company owner, you’ll use this document to outline the cost of a project based on labor and material costs. Let’s explore what to include in yours and how you can simplify the process with a template.

Tips to building your own construction quote template.

The great thing about construction quotes is the amount of detail — but that’s also what makes them so cumbersome. In fact, most can take up to 20-40 hours to complete. One way to save time on this process is to create an editable template, especially if you often perform the same type of construction work or specialty.

When making yours, you’ll want to be sure to include these basics:

You can search for customizable templates online or start from scratch in a simple Word document when you're ready. Once you finish, you can convert it to an editable PDF that you fill in as you quote new projects — saving time and effort with every new request.

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