How to create an invoice for accounting services.

Learn how to create a standard invoice and what information to include for your accounting business.

Invoicing is an essential part of any business. An invoice is a professional document used to request payment in exchange for your services rendered. Let’s dive into how you create an invoice for bookkeeping services and what you’ll need to include to make sure you’re paid quickly and easily.

How to create an invoice.

There are two main methods for creating invoices: to use invoicing software, or to design your own as a shareable PDF.

Invoice software, also known as accounting software, can be used to generate invoices with your unique brand and is generally connected to your bank account to facilitate payments (although fees may apply). If you have to send out invoices often, this automated method often saves you time (and money).

You can create invoices for bookkeeping services with a Word document, spreadsheet or a downloadable template. Particularly, if you need help with bookkeeping invoice wording, online templates are a great place to start. That way you can save them for future use, easily convert them to professional-looking PDFs and send them out in a safe read-only format.

What to include on an invoice for accounting services.

Invoice formats vary based on the type of business and the services provided, however there are some items that every invoice should include. In general, provide the following:

Close invoices faster.

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