How to create an invoice for construction work.

A professional-looking invoice for construction work will enhance your image and help to get you paid promptly.

Like many businesses, construction work relies on reputation and cash flow to stay profitable. Learn how to make a construction invoice that will help with both. Use the following steps to create work invoices for your construction company that will help get you paid on time.

Include your branding.

Your brand is what sets you apart from the crowd. Your logo, text font, and colors should be consistent across all your printed and digital forms, email, letters, sales material, and invoices. Seeing a familiar brand instills confidence. No one wants to wonder if the invoice they’re looking at actually came from your company.

Progress bill construction invoices.

The best way to stay on top of your cash flow is to use progress billing. Once a specified amount of the construction work is completed, send the customer an invoice for that work. Be sure that your contract allows for progress billing, and make sure you show the details on your invoice for construction completed.

A detailed progress billing invoice will show the total contract amount, any amounts that have already been paid, the current amount due, and a description of the work completed in the billing cycle and covered by that invoice.

Create PDF invoices.

Customers expect contracts and invoices to be secure and emailable. To ensure that they’ll want to do business with you again, it’s important to give them as easy an experience as possible.

An invoice isn’t the end of the relationship with your customer — it’s the beginning of the next construction job your customer will need. Explore what more you can do with Adobe Sign to get contracts signed, invoices for construction acknowledged, and work done fast.