How to create an invoice for consulting services.

Learn how to use a professional services invoice template to bill clients for consulting services.

Consulting companies don’t have products they can easily list on an invoice. If you provide professional services, it’s important to include enough detail on your invoices so the client understands exactly what they’re paying for.

Use a header with your consulting business details.

The header is the first thing clients see when they open the invoice. Make it clear who the invoice is from by including your business information:

It’s also important to use a professional-looking design that fits your business. Rainbow-colored, swirly fonts don’t exactly scream “professional.” Stick with colors that fit your company’s brand, and keep designs simple.

Information to include in a consulting services invoice.

The point of an invoice is to show services rendered. Include all the information clients need to understand what they’re being billed for and how to pay:

You should also include your client’s contact information. For larger companies, make sure the invoice is addressed to the right person or department for a smoother payment process.

Download a professional services invoice template.

The best way to make sure you don’t forget any information is to download a template. With an invoice template, you can skip the design stage and simply fill in the blanks to create professional invoices with less time and effort.

Many consulting companies need invoices to be approved with a customer signature. Instead of dealing with printers and scanners, use an online signature software like Adobe Sign to add legal signatures remotely and keep the invoice payment process moving.

Explore more about what you can do with Adobe Sign and discover how easy creating professional invoices can be.