How to write an invoice for contract work.

Learn more about invoicing as an independent contractor and how to create a contractor invoice template that you can use in your own business.

Accurate invoicing is an essential element of accounting for any independent contractor or small business owner. Whether you charge by the hour for your services or work at a flat rate, a clear, easy-to-read invoice will help ensure you come across as professional and get paid on time.

How to create your contractor invoice.

Creating an invoice for contract work can be as simple as creating a professional document, such as a PDF. You can use free templates, or make your own that you can update as your projects and client base evolve.

Using accounting software is another option for invoicing. Most accounting software programs offer the ability to generate professional invoices quickly, and you can also save these templates to reuse later. However, some software might not offer the degree of customizability that your business needs.

What to include in your invoice for contract work.

Whether you use accounting software or decide to create your own invoicing template for contract work, there are essential line items you should include in every invoice. These details include:

Creating your contractor invoice template.

If you find yourself invoicing often, it would be beneficial to create a personalized invoice template for your contract work in order to save time. Make sure the document includes the necessary line items discussed above and has editable fields. Then, you can simply edit the variables as they change with your business, such as your rates, hours worked, line items, or client information.

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