How to create an invoice for electrical work.

Streamline your electrical company’s job cycle with professional invoices you can create, customize, share, and sign in just two simple steps.

You can create electrical work invoices to streamline job cycles, record taxable revenues, and help your company get paid faster. Learn how to make an electrical invoice sample that you can use going forward. Follow the steps below to make professional, easy-to-read custom invoices and share them with clients in no time at all.

Design a custom electrical work invoice.

You can make a customized invoice template by simply adding and removing information, depending on the job. Start by creating a new form in a versatile business solutionsapp that can be shared with customers and your electrical team. Simply upload your company’s logo, start adding fields to the form and fill in:

Make sure your invoice is clear, has detailed information that might be needed later, and spaces for signatures, if required.

Send your electrical work invoice to clients.

Now that you have a branded invoice in hand, it’s time to share it. Confirm that you filled out the form correctly so you can send it directly to your customer for online payment and signatures.

You can also share documents with team members so they can fill out invoices on the go. Technicians can enter completed job information before heading to their next site, without ever stepping back into the office.

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