How to create an invoice for massage therapy.

The massage therapist’s guide to creating and sending professional invoices.

From loosening up sore muscles to putting on your accounting hat, massage therapists have a lot to do each day. Receiving payments doesn’t have to be a long, manual process (and nor should it be). Simplify invoicing clients by learning how to create a custom form that’s easy to send.

Design a massage therapy invoice

Because massage invoices will be sent to clients, your invoice should be professional and accurately represent your massage business. Each invoice also serves as a type of receipt and lets your client know how much they owe.

Instead of creating a new massage invoice each time you need to bill a client, simply set up a template you can quickly complete. Remember to include:

Some massage therapists choose to include payment terms on each invoice. This lets the client know how long they have to pay and where to submit payment.

How to invoice your massage therapy clients.

Many therapists know their services extend well beyond the massage table. When you offer clients an easy way to pay invoices, you help to ensure a more positive experience — from the minute they walk in your door to the minute they leave.

With a versatile e-signature software like Acrobat Sign you can:

Customers can review, sign, and pay invoices all within one convenient location. Not only can they choose how they’d like to pay, but you’ll be able to see transaction details in the document’s history. Create an invoice that makes life a little easier for you both.

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