How to make an hourly invoice template.

Make an hourly invoice template that’s easy to sign, share, and streamline. Follow these tips to learn how to collect payment faster and ensure an efficient workflow.

Many companies rely on hourly invoices to send and receive payments. For businesses with high volume, keeping track of those invoices can get tricky.

With the right resources, teams can better manage invoice workflows which in turn help businesses to collect prompt payments. Read on to learn three tips to creating an hourly invoice template that’s both professional and efficient.

Tip #1: Use the right invoice design tool.

Choose a versatile invoice design tool to create a template in just a few minutes. With the right cloud document and e-signature software, anyone who uses hourly invoices can send and receive payments like a pro.

Acrobat Sign sends invoices with end-to-end encryption, integrates with payment gateways, and makes the payment process easier on your customers — all within a single application.

Tip #2: Design your hourly invoice with workflow in mind.

Keep in mind that for many businesses, a job well done is only half the battle. Invoicing customers, keeping detailed records, and collecting payment require additional time and resources. If you get creative with your hourly invoice template, you can save several steps and ensure a positive experience for your clients.

Streamline your manual invoicing process and transition it into a digital workflow by creating powerful forms. Then, send hourly invoices to clients and collect payments online with Acrobat Sign.

Tip #3: Don’t forget the details.

Remember that your hourly invoice serves a few purposes so definitely include details that you, a client, or a vendor may need for tax purposes or tracking costs in the future. Invoice numbers, product or service descriptions, and hours billed are also typically included on most hourly invoice templates.

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