How to write a bid proposal.

Learn what you should include in your bid proposals to show that you can deliver what your client wants.

It’s not a stretch to say writing effective business proposals is an art form. You have to explain how your service or product fits the client’s needs and why they should buy it. Here we’ll explore how to write a bid proposal and what you should include.

Write a winning bid proposal.

  1. Title page: Every written work needs a title. Include the date of submission, together with your and your company’s name.
  2. Executive summary: Introduce your business case. Summarize your main selling points and briefly explain why your solution is a perfect fit for your client.
  3. Table of contents: Make it easy for your client to find what they need. No one wants to read an unorganized proposal.
  4. Problem statement: Your client knows what they need, but explaining their problem builds trust and shows that you understand them.
  5. Solution: Build on your summary and explain how you will solve your client’s problem. Don’t include every little detail, but you should demonstrate you have a clear strategy in mind.
  6. Qualifications: Show that you have what it takes to do the job right. Include any certificates, past success stories, and supporting statements.
  7. Cost: Tell your client how much you expect them to pay. You can include a pricing scale and make it clear that you’re willing to negotiate.
  8. Terms and conditions: State your terms for moving forward with the project and set a clear time frame.

Sign your proposal with ease.

It’s a good idea to make it as easy as possible for your client to sign your proposal. This is where e-signatures can help you. They’re legally binding and much faster to process than traditional ones.

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