How to write a cleaning service contract bid proposal.

A woman writes a cleaning service contract bid proposal.

Learn how to write a bid proposal to get more cleaning jobs for your business.

Customers don’t always come to you. Sometimes, you need to reach out to potential clients to show them the value of your business and convince them to hire you. To do that, you need to write an effective cleaning services bid proposal. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s a bid proposal in commercial cleaning?

A bid proposal is a detailed document that explains exactly what your cleaning company will do for an individual or business client. It should include all services provided, a plan of action, and the cost. The goal is to persuade a potential customer to hire your cleaning business over any competing bids.

You’ll use this document to communicate all of the information about your service package to your customer — including timelines, fees and services.

There are many ways you can get your proposal to your customer. You can use a CRM, billing platform, or even email a copy of the PDF.

What information should be in a cleaning bid proposal?

A good bid proposal should be tailored to the customer’s needs and include details about every service you’ll provide. Your proposal should include at least the following information:

To make sure you don’t forget anything important, it’s a good idea to download a bid proposal template from the internet. All you need to do is fill in the appropriate fields and send it to the customer.

How to get a cleaning contract with a stellar cleaning proposal.

Your ability to win a cleaning contract comes down to how well you know how to write a cleaning proposal. Here are a few tips to make your cleaning service contract and proposal stand out from the rest:

  1. Start with a cover letter. Similar to the process of applying for a job, you’ll want to include a cover letter as the top page in your cleaning service contract. This shows your intent and can be used to summarize your unique selling points — or USPs.
  2. Include an “About” section. You can use this section to build credibility and differentiate yourself from competing companies.
  3. Remove barriers to sale. Don’t make the sign-up process difficult. Clearly outline the steps to move forward with your cleaning contract. Leave contact information for any questions that come up.
  4. Spellcheck and proofread. Instantly build credibility by spell checking before sending.

Make your bid proposal easy to accept.

If a potential client likes your bid proposal and wants to do business, they’ll sign the bid proposal and start a contract. For that to happen, you should make it easy to accept your proposal.

Simplify the process with an e-signature software like Acrobat Sign. With an online signature, clients can accept bid proposals for your cleaning business in just one click from nearly any device and from anywhere. You can also easily create electronic signatures and manage your digital workflow all in one place. The easier you make it to say “yes”, the more clients you can get.

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