How to write a bill of sale for a car.

Buying and selling a car is an exciting process — but you need to be sure you’re documenting everything correctly. Here’s your go-to guide to creating a legally binding bill of sale for a car in just three simple steps.

Because you're creating a contract that will protect both parties, it’s important that a bill of sale for a car be drawn up, received, and signed correctly. Let’s take a quick look at how this is done.

What is a bill of sale?

The best way to understand a bill of sale for a car is to think about it like you would a receipt — you’re simply creating and signing a legal document that confirms the ownership of something (in this case, a car) has changed hands. Not only does a bill of sale protect both parties involved, but it also acts as proof and confirmation that a car was sold and accepted in a certain condition and under the right circumstances.

The three easy steps to writing your car’s bill of sale.

It doesn’t have to be intimidating to draw up a proper bill of sale. Follow these three simple steps to easily create a bill of sale for your car:

  1. Research your state’s rules and regulations.
  2. Consider using your state’s DMV’s downloadable bill of sale form.
  3. Include pertinent information like names, addresses, contact information, sale date, amount of money exchanged, description, make and model of the vehicle, VIN or serial number, and signatures.

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