What is a business quote?

Learn what a business quote is and how to write one for your clients.

A business quote is essential for a project pitch if you're looking to win new clients. Clients need to understand what services you can provide them and how much they’re going to cost to decide whether they want to work with you. A quote details all this information so you can manage a potential client's expectations and they can make an informed decision.

Keep reading to learn how to write an effective business quote that will help you win more clients and grow your business.

How to create a business quote.

A quote in business should contain your basic business information, the services you can provide them, and how much those services will cost. At a minimum, every quote should include:

To make sending a quote to clients even easier, consider creating a digital document that they can electronically sign and send back to you. This will allow you to deliver quotes and get responses faster so you can get right to work.

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