What is a COVID waiver form, and why do HR teams need one?

It’s not always easy to maintain social distancing at your place of business. Protect yourself as you reopen after the coronavirus pandemic with a COVID waiver form.

When to use a COVID waiver form.

A COVID waiver form is similar to a standard liability waiver, except it applies to people getting sick with the COVID-19 virus. It shifts responsibility from the company to the signer.

COVID wavier forms are ideal for businesses looking to reopen after the pandemic, especially if your business involves close contact that isn’t social-distancing compliant. Regardless of your office setup specifics, HR teams should have a COVID waiver form on hand for both customers and employees to sign.

Include the right information.

COVID-19 regulations vary from state to state. However, there are certain pieces of information that you should include:

At the bottom of the COVID waiver form, include a space for a signature. This makes the document a legal contract, effectively transferring the liability burden.

To make the process easier and adhere to local social distancing regulations, use electronic signature software like Adobe Acrobat Sign. That way, customers and employees can add their legal signature remotely with the click of a button, instead of using pens and paper in person.

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