Why your business needs change request software.

A sudden change request can throw any project off the rails. Learn how change request software helps you manage and approve changes when a request comes in.

Your business is working on an important project. The end is in sight, but then your email pings and you find a dreaded document in your inbox. A change request has arrived.

Change requests can be frustrating, but they don’t have to be. Change request software can make sending and managing them much less work intensive. Let’s find out what change request software is and how it can help your business.

What is a change request?

Before we get to the software, let’s first quickly go over what a change request itself is. In a nutshell, a change request document contains a call to adjust or alter an agreed-upon project, contract, or system. The requests generally fall into two categories:

What is change request software?

Change request software is a computer program designed to manage change requests. It allows you to receive and send change requests, request and track approvals, and review the request’s impact on the project. These programs can also make the change management process entirely digital, which saves paper, time, and money.

Digital change requests are easily approved with digital signatures. Adobe Sign smooths out the bumps in your change management process. Request signatures to approve changes, and track your requests anywhere to always stay on the ball. Sign integrates seamlessly with the most popular business software, so you can quickly establish how the requested changes will affect your projects.

Discover how to improve your change management process with Sign.