Your guide to invoices — explaining a dealer invoice.

Dealer invoices outline how much a dealership pays for a vehicle. Explore resources for creating and sending encrypted dealer invoices to make the experience hassle-free.

When a car dealership receives a vehicle from a manufacturer, they also receive a dealer invoice. This invoice lists the actual cost a dealer paid for the vehicle, also known as the dealer cost. Because dealerships then offer services to customers, they often pay the dealer more than what the dealer paid. Why? Because the price markup needs to be applied to the dealership’s operating costs.

How to make a dealer invoice.

If a dealership chooses to show a dealer invoice to a customer, it may contain information that could be considered sensitive. Therefore, when creating a dealer invoice, it’s important to use tools that:

Because manufacturers send different types of vehicles to dealerships around the world, versatile digital and e-signature software makes it easy to create customized dealer invoice templates. Use any of the methods below to create yours:

After you’ve reviewed and checked it against local, state, or federal laws, it’s ready to send digitally.

How to send a dealer invoice.

Using e-signature software like Acrobat Sign lets you send a dealer invoice simply by entering the recipient's contact information. Since many manufacturers and dealerships prefer to sign invoices acknowledging receipt and agreeing to submit payment, you’ll be able to see if everyone has signed correctly simply by viewing the document’s history.

When you digitally or electronically sign invoices, each signature is secure, encrypted, and unique — plus, they can be signed and reviewed on nearly any device, from anywhere in the world.

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