What is NDA management software?

Make sure your confidential business information stays confidential. Discover what NDA software is and how it can protect your business secrets.

Secret recipes, proprietary programming innovations, contract terms — whatever kind of business you run, it involves plenty of confidential information. A nondisclosure agreement (NDA) keeps that sensitive information within the circle of approved business partners.

When you juggle multiple clients or large-scale projects involving dozens of people, it can get challenging to manage all those NDAs. Here you’ll learn what NDA software is and how it helps you keep your confidential information hush-hush.

What is NDA software?

NDA software is exactly what it sounds like — a computer program (or a suite of programs) designed to make managing NDAs easier. There’s no set template for what such software should be, and the included features vary between different solutions. In general, though, any NDA software worth its salt will let you send NDAs out and request signatures, track your mailed requests, and integrate with your other business software.

How can NDA software help my business?

First and foremost, NDA software helps you save time and money. It makes the entire NDA process digital, which means any NDAs you send out are delivered immediately. At the same time, you’ll save paper and trees. It lets you keep track of the status of each NDA, and send reminders when a partner is less than timely in signing the agreement.

Acrobat Sign makes it quick and easy to create NDAs and request digital signatures. Your business partners can sign the NDA on any device and instantly send it back. You can also track the process from start to finish. Sign integrates with the most popular business software, so once you’ve decided who needs to know what, you can send NDAs out accordingly.

Get your nondisclosure agreements issued and signed smoothly, and discover how else Sign can help your business.