What is purchase order software?

How to make purchase orders a business best practice.

A purchase order, or PO, is a legal document that buyers send to suppliers. It outlines the terms of the transaction — types, amounts, and prices for products and services rendered. POs help buyers track what they’ve purchased, provide clear instructions to vendors, and secure a paper trail if anything goes wrong. They’re also legally binding: Once you issue a PO to your supplier, you must pay them. POs also enable buyers to purchase items on credit, which is especially helpful if you're growing your business.

Since, as a buyer, you’re responsible for drafting the PO, you’ll want to use a reliable PO software for a smooth transaction process.

The benefits of PO software.

Although purchase orders might feel like excessive paperwork, using POs is a business best practice, especially as your business grows. As purchasing demands become more complex, POs help you track order numbers and payments. Here’s how PO software can work for your business:

Find your PO software.

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