Why your business needs SOW software.

You must know what’s expected from you to complete a project successfully. Learn what SOW software is and how it can help your business succeed.

When you hire a contractor for a project, or commit to a project as a service provider, you must be completely clear on the expectations. You don’t want to realize halfway through a project that you aren’t meeting standards or deadlines no one bothered to specify. This is why you need a Statement of Work document — or an SOW.

Read on to learn what a good SOW includes and how SOW software can make managing these documents easier.

What is an SOW?

Simply put, an SOW lays out all the terms necessary for successful completion of a project. Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen, creating a website, or programming a phone app, this document spells out what everyone involved expects.

The exact format and contents of an SOW depend on the work project at hand. In general, though, the simplest SOW specifies at least the project’s purpose and scope, expected schedule, required work standards, and the terms of payment.

How can SOW software help my business?

As your business grows, it can get difficult to keep track of all your active projects and their related SOWs. SOW software is a computer program that helps you create, send, track, and manage your SOWs. It lets you check the status of your documents and makes managing them less time-consuming — and time is money.

Acrobat Sign makes it easy for you to send and request signatures for SOWs. It integrates seamlessly with your other work software and allows you to create SOW documents without extra hassle. Check in on your outstanding SOWs with Sign’s tracking feature to stay on top of your SOW progress.

Discover how Sign can help your business grow.