What to include in HR complaint forms.

Learn how to formally document employee disagreements by including the correct information on HR complaint forms.

Information to include.

When working with other people in an office setting, there are bound to be disagreements. If an employee has a complaint, the best way to document the issue is to fill out an official HR complaint form. Be sure to take down every detail of the complaint to ensure nothing goes undocumented.

Include the following critical information on any HR complaint form:

You can file complaint forms for a variety of incidents, including harassment and theft. Because you don’t want unresolved issues in the workplace, it’s essential to document every complaint so that problems can be fully addressed by your human resources team.

Don’t forget the signatures.

Compliant forms might not be legal contracts, but they do contain sensitive information that could hurt someone’s reputation. Whenever an employee files a complaint, it’s vital that you obtain the signatures of both the employee and the HR representative who filed the form.

Signatures are a way of saying the employee verifies that what they said was the truth, and the HR representative acknowledges that they received the complaint. They hold both parties accountable to get the dispute resolved quickly and efficiently.

To simplify the signature-gathering process, use electronic signature software like Acrobat Sign. That way, all parties can sign HR complaint forms remotely with the click of a button without needing to fight printers and scanners to submit forms.

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