How to use a software development contract.

Software development skills are in high demand. If you’re thinking of starting a software development company or just beginning a side gig, a well-crafted contract is a must.

Whether you’re a freelance developer helping many clients by the hour or are commissioned for a fixed fee to provide an entire software package, protecting your work with a properly constructed contract is essential. PDF contracts and electronic signatures make using software development contracts safe and secure.

What to include in a software development contract.

There are generally two types of software development contracts. These are scoped projects with a fixed price and ongoing development projects with an hourly fee. For a fixed-price project, you’ll want your agreement to include a complete description of what you will deliver. For an hourly project, you and your client can determine the final deliverable as you go along.

Here is a list of items you should include in your software development agreements:

A detailed and properly signed software development contract will protect both you and your client from being disappointed. You can be ready for new projects and new clients by customizing your standard PDF contract for each job. The freedom and flexibility to electronically sign contracts will make the process flow smoothly and save time.

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