How to create an event planning contract template.

Great events may seem like they just happen by themselves, but it takes a lot of planning behind the scenes. An event planning contract is essential for event planners and their clients.

Whether you specialize in weddings, corporate parties, or another type of event planning, it is important to protect your business with properly constructed contracts. PDF contracts and electronic signatures make using event planning contracts fast and easy.

What to include in an event planning contract.

Each different type of event you plan may have special contract requirements. If you plan a corporate team-building event, for example, you should include a clause that protects you if a participant is injured. A wedding reception, on the other hand, would not have the same risks. An editable PDF contract will let you customize your contract for each event type.

Here is a list of items you should always include in your event contract:

A well-crafted and properly signed event planning contract will protect both you and your client from being disappointed. By creating a few PDF versions of your standard contract, you are prepared for new business of any type. The freedom and flexibility to create electronic signatures and electronically sign contracts makes the process flow smoothly and saves time.

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