How to compare HelloSign and DocuSign.

Before deciding which e-sign tool is best for you, learn what features are available and which ones you want.

Have you ever wished you were better informed before beginning a search for a product or solution? The more you know, the better questions you can ask. You can simplify the decision-making process for that purchase by asking the right questions. Know what's available, what you need, and what you want before considering a solution.

Electronic signature software providers often offer their solutions in packages, each with progressively more features. Typically, you’ll find that a basic package has fewer features than a premium-level package. To make a fair product comparison, it’s important to know what features are included in each package.

Why you need e-signature software.

Electronic signature software is essential for your business because it will save you, your customers, and your partners precious time; after all, time is money. Speed is important, but there are other benefits to e-signatures as well.

The flexibility to work where and when you want means that things don't come to a standstill just because you or your team members are out of the office or traveling. Sometimes business won't wait, and time wasted before that next big contract is signed can be expensive.

Security and risk management are crucial aspects of contract management. To protect your business, you need legally binding contracts. Your business needs an e-sign platform that protects sensitive information, too — but how do you know which one to choose?

What to look for when comparing HelloSign and DocuSign.

When it comes to e-sign tools, there are lots of choices. Trying to decide which platform is best for your needs can become confusing. You must compare features and more to select the best solution for your business. Among other things, you’ll certainly want to consider how well it integrates with other business software you already use.

Some e-signature tools charge extra fees for some features but not for others. And then, there are advanced features like custom branding that you may want for your organization. Let's look at some features and functionality you should research if you're considering HelloSign versus DocuSign, for example.

Here are some important features you should look for when comparing e-sign solutions:

  1. Identification and authentication assure that your signature is protected.
  2. Security and compliance with regulations specific to your industry are essential.
  3. Your e-sign tool should have the rigorous Microsoft 365 app certification.
  4. Comprehensive Microsoft integrations ensure that your e-sign solution can grow with your business.
  5. Document editing, collaboration, and e-signature integration in Adobe Acrobat will enable seamless document management workflows.
  6. Live 24/7 telephone support will help keep your business moving, no matter what.

Once you've decided which features are the most important to you, you can begin comparing solution providers to determine who best meets your requirements. Many providers offer a free trial of their products. Try the solution you think will solve your problems and benefit your organization most. You may find even more benefits than you first imagined.

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