Foster teamwork with online collaboration software.

Learn how to encourage teamwork with the right online collaboration software for your business.

What is online collaboration software?

Online collaboration software is any program that allows team members to work together from any location, using any device. Team members can simply log into the software, complete projects or work with other team members, and then save the updates for future use.

Because all changes made in the software are instantly accessible to the other team members, it creates a much more efficient and streamlined business workflow. Even in-office teams can benefit from the efficiency of online collaboration software; it’s not just for remote employees.

Essential collaboration software for your team.

While online collaboration software used to mean just instant messaging, email, and video conferencing, the increased popularity of remote work led to the development of newer, more comprehensive business tools and platforms.

To create an efficient remote workforce, companies now have the choice of several different types of collaboration software, including:

Many enterprise businesses require signed authorization for certain projects and documents. A software that allows electronic or digital signatures like Acrobat Sign will let managers add their legal signature to documents with the click of a button.

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