Online team collaboration basics, benefits, and tools.

Learn what online collaboration is, how it can benefit you, and how you can start working together over the internet.

Both work and study are currently scrambling to move online. More people than ever work remotely, and new technologies to get more done faster show up almost every day. Online collaboration has become the latest trend.

But what exactly is online collaboration, and what are its benefits? Find out in this brief introduction.

What is online collaboration?

Online collaboration is an umbrella term that covers all the different technologies and solutions people use to work together over the internet. It covers everything from text and voice chat to video conferences, cloud platforms for file sharing, real-time shared document editing, and much more.

What are the benefits of online collaboration?

Online collaboration improves communication and lets people work more efficiently. Text chats and video calls allow team members to reach each other whenever in real time — though they should still respect business hours.

You can also save time and money through online collaboration. Digital file sharing is nearly instantaneous, and doesn’t consume paper or ink. This free flow of ideas also allows teams to improve their results. For example, an accounting team can process invoices faster, while a design team can share their creative ideas with ease.

How to start collaborating online?

One way you can dip into online collaboration is by starting to use e-signatures for document approval. E-signatures are legally binding and much faster than traditional signatures. With Acrobat Sign, you can easily request and add e-signatures, create e-signatures from scratch, track documents, sign PDFs on a mobile device, and much more.

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