Convert to digital with paperless office software.

Switching from a traditional office to a paperless one sounds hard but doesn't have to be.

Change is frequently a good thing, but transitions also often bring friction, especially in the early going. Workflows that have existed for years can be tough to modify, but older processes don’t have to be obstacles to innovation. With the right tools, communication, and deployment plans, your workflow transitions can actually be quite straightforward.

If you're ready to transform some of your traditional workplace processes with paperless office software, discover the steps to make it happen below.

Discuss the innovation with your team.

Share the process-transition news with everyone in your office — even if you don’t think all your staffers will be affected by it. Share all the ways that going paperless will benefit your staff, management, and customers. Take time early to brainstorm issues with your older workflows that paperless office software can solve. And ask your team what a successful paperless transition should look like for all your groups with unique work functions.

Open discussions about change can help illuminate the challenges your office faces. So the more you communicate, the more you’ll uncover. And you might find new ways to improve other office workflows that you hadn’t previously considered.

Make a paperless office transition plan.

Think about every way your office uses paper: documents, file storage, information security, and so on. Then work with your team to develop a transition plan. Here’s a plan template to get you started:

  1. Take inventory of all your physical documents.
  2. Set a goal of when to complete the paperless transition.
  3. Come up with an organizational system (if you don’t already have one).
  4. Scan and upload your documents with paperless office software.
  5. Use your paperless office software moving forward.

Keep communicating with your team before, during, and after going paperless in your office. You can also offer software training that teaches everyone how to use the new system.

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