What is e-signature software?

This article outlines the basic definition of an e-signature and offers a quick look into e-signature software.

If signing contracts faster, approving deals quicker, and closing agreements in record time all sound like ideal additions to how your company does business, then e-signatures might be the next step in your contract process.

If you’re not sure what an e-signature is or aren’t aware of available software solutions that could optimize your signature approval process, this article is the perfect place to start.

The basics of e-signatures.

An electronic signature — often referred to as an e-signature — is a legal way to get or give consent or approval on an electronic document or form. Typically, it can replace a handwritten signature in almost any process.

Not only do e-signatures offer a lot of advantages to business, vendors and customers, they are:

Understanding e-signature software.

E-signature software is a simple digital solution that enables your company to legally and compliantly give or receive a binding signature. High-quality e-signature software solutions will leverage additional features like:

Discover streamlined processes.

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