5 steps to build your electronic signature workflow.

Electronic signatures and digital workflows are shaping modern businesses — learn how to make yours work for you.

When it comes to any business workflow, speed is king. Electronic signatures keep important documents moving as well as create efficiencies, reduce errors, safeguard sensitive information, and much more. Let’s explore some tips for building an electronic signature workflow that works for you.

Create your electronic signature workflow.

Whether you’re a small business owner or part of a large company, customers expect paperwork processes to run smoothly. Using technology that lets recipients create and sign with digital signatures can pave the way for good customer relationships. Here’s how to start building your digital workflow to accept digital signatures:

  1. Identify repetitive processes. For certain tasks you repeat often, map out where these documents come into the workflow. These tasks may include employee onboarding, contract agreements, project sign-offs, or client invoicing, to name just a few.
  2. Create templates. Once you identify common processes, create fillable PDF templates with custom fields and instructions. This will create efficiencies and lessen the chance of any errors.
  3. Determine signers. Not all documents need approval from everyone in your business. Make a note of whose signatures you need for each process.
  4. Choose the right software. Before you can start putting processes in place, you’ll need to choose document management software that fits your business needs. Keep in mind that many people view, edit, and sign documents on the go, so choosing mobile-friendly software that also works on a wide variety of devices is helpful.
  5. Build your workflow. Upload and organize your templates within the software, designate signers, send signature requests, and track these processes along the way — both before and after implementation. If any elements of the workflow change or certain parts of the process need adjustment, simply tweak as necessary.

Once your electronic workflow is complete, you can let the digital systems do most of the heavy lifting. Plus, you’ll never again need to wonder whose desk an important document is stuck on.

Build workflows, send documents, and collect necessary e-signatures to keep your business processes flowing. Take a moment to discover everything that’s possible with Adobe Acrobat Sign today.